Key Tips On How To Rent A Party Bus

A party bus is an excellent way to have a party, be it a birthday party or a bachelorette party. In short, it’s a party on wheels! There are things that you need to take into consideration when renting a party bus.

Are you renting the party bus from a reputable provider?

Always make sure you know who you are renting the vehicle from and their track record. It is highly possible to hire the vehicle from an individual and discover later that the person was only a broker. This way you end up spending more money than hiring from the owner. Be vigilant, ask questions and proof too.

Ask to see the qualifications of the chauffeur too, especially if the party involves children. You can never be too careful! The most disappointing thing is to have a bus that breaks down on the day of the party. It is important that you ask how old the vehicle is and have a look at the vehicle model too. Most websites will have photos that do not match reality. They may have pictures that a few years old whereas the bus has since aged and the interior is not as snazzy as the photos imply. Don’t wait to be disappointed on your special day.

Confirm that the bus is insured

This is a bus that carries more than 20 people on board and you have to make sure that it is duly insured. Make sure you ask such important questions because it makes the difference in case of an accident or incident. If the company seems hesitant to let you in on the full insurance information, run! They most likely are not insured and are operating on a wing and a prayer, hoping nothing ever happens. This is highly illegal. Look elsewhere.


Check out the sound system

Music is by far the most important aspect of a party bus. After all, what is a party without music? Have a look at their sound system, or come along with someone who does. Make sure they will allow you to bring your own music or you might get disappointed and stuck with boring music on your party day. You do not also want to get stuck with a sound system that is of poor quality.

Know the difference between a limo and a party bus

A lot of times, people are not able to tell the difference between a limo and a party bus. Some companies may want to cash in on the limo by making it work as both a party bus and a limo. Know the difference! A party bus is designed for loud parties with lights like a club and loud music. After having several drinks you may have to go to the bathroom, as do 20 other people. Make sure there is a bathroom, and most importantly, that it works!

Hiring a party bus is an awesome way to host a party, have a few drinks and be entertained on the go. Best of all, it brings you to different destinations without you touching the wheel; keeping you out of legal trouble while you toast to all the drinks!